Amore Gel Kit - A Nail Above the Rest

Amore Gel Kit

Vendor: Amore

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A five piece gel kit to create perfect sets of nails for your clients.

Bonder is a clear, thin base layer that provides superb adherence without the need for an additional primer.

Clear Sculpt and Shine is a beautiful medium to lightweight clear sculpting product that offers maximum flexibility and ease of application. It also doubles as a high shine, sealing gel. This self-leveling product has minimal heat transfer, making it comfortable and safe for your client. It can be mixed with any other Amore gel to alter consistencies or colors as needed.

Self Level White's unique formula is our most natural white and creates the perfect extension or french fill, offering a hard cure every time. It's medium viscosity offers a slow, self-leveling quality which gives you control and ease of application. Odor free, and minimal heat transfer. Consistency - Peaks to a soft curl, levels completely. 

Gloss Top is a self leveling finishing gel that cures to a high shine and will not get dull with wear. Our unique top gels with adhere well to shiny surfaces.

Ultima #4 Nylon Brush is a great all purpose brush. 

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