Cuticle Sciver - A Nail Above the Rest

Erica - Cuticle Sciver

Vendor: Erica's

NEW Trio pack! The Cuticle Sciver bit is one of the most popular bits due to its versatility. It can be used for cuticle work, removing product in between side walls, removing callused skin around side walls, or used with a light tap on product that did not come off during soaking. Perfect for all levels of nail techs.

  • Medium Grit
  • Standard Shank Size 3/32”
  • Made by Erica’s ATA, USA.

Rules of 3 Bits
1 - Being Used / 1 - Disinfecting / 1 - Ready For Next Client

Disinfect bits between each client! Especially with cuticle bits.
Replace bits when they dull down. Dull bits don't cut and they create heat.

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