ENC Darling Lamp

Vendor: Enailcouture

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Available in pink only!

Darling lamp was designed to use with our gels and cures all our colors in 30 seconds. We used the newest and greatest in curing technology to use SUN light bulbs thats cure all led and uv builder gels (curing times vary) unique design that can be used as a hand rest and is amazing for travel and pedicures.

48 watt powerful, magical sun bulbs ! 

24 V.

Cure times for Enailcouture Gels 

All base gels and colours (gel polish, precious minerals, fun gel, painting gel) - 30 second cure.

Shinee gel and all 3d magic top coat colors. wonder gel and velvet gel - 60 second cure. 

All our candy jelly builder gels, gummy gel and happy gel - 60 second cure

Motion censor activated on and off, universal voltage US plug only

30 & 60 second timer.