ENC Precious Minerals 109-168

ENC Precious Minerals 109-168

Vendor: Enailcouture

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Fast Application

  • Apply it just like polish and be rewarded with richer, more even colour.
  • Cures in 30 seconds in an LED lamp, 2 minutes with a traditional UV lamp.


  • The gel polish stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10 minutes.
  • Even with such a natural look, these gel polishes are long lasting and remain shiny between treatments.


  • It is packaged in an easy to use bottle instead of a jar, with easy to spot colour on the cap; the colour is true to the bottle because the cap is hand filled with the same gel.
  • Stable viscosity until the last application.

Luxurious Colours

  • No unevenness on colouration, brilliant luxurious colour for a beautiful finish.
  • Separation of ingredients does not occur, churning or mixing is unnecessary and there is no wasted gel.

*Please note that the colour can look different in person not responsible for typographical or photographic errors.

#27-30 are crayon pop colours (Transparent colour)

#35-37, 45-47,73-82,88-103,114-121,126,133-134 (3D Magic Cat Eye Colours )

#48 rainbow top coat (Hologram no wipe coat) 

#49 nightlight top coat (Glow in the dark top coat)

#50-61, 72, 83-87, Colour Changing Colours!

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