ENC Reflective Fun Gel

ENC Reflective Fun Gel

Vendor: Enailcouture

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Reflective Glitter Gel an  Explosion Diamond Reflective Sparkling Gel Polish 

  • flash Soak Off UV Nail Gel Broken Diamond Gel Nail Art Manicure
  • Shiny Diamond Powder Material, Micro-Diamond Hybrid Colloidal Starlight Shines At Your Fingertips.The Darker The Ambient Light,The Brighter The Light Is.
    • Easy To Apply: Highly Pigmented, Perfect Shine for all Nail Designs .
      cure under UV Or LED Lamp Cure Time: Average For LED Light 30-60 Secs, UV Light 90-120 Secs.
    • Fun Gel Is Made Of Natural Resin, Non-Toxic Formula, Low Odor, NO Harm To Skins And Nails. With A Proper Application That Long Lasting For At Least 2-3 Weeks, Fantastic And Super Bright Nails For You.
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