Happy Gel NEW Shimmer Effect

Happy Gel NEW Shimmer Effect

Vendor: Enailcouture

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3 NEW Magical Happy Gel colours with a enchanted pearlized shimmer/glitter effect! NEW size! 

WINK (clear with a micro pearl shimmer/glitter / BLOSSOM PINK (warm tone cover pink with a micro pearl shimmer/glitter / GOOD PINK (cool tone cover pink with a micro pearl shimmer/glitter)

Our new item we have created by popular demand, just for you !~


Happy gel has consistency that allows you to work as fast or as slow as you need. no mixing and no ratio, only use monomer or alcohol to lightly pat into shape and cure !


Nail prep, primer, happy gel, flash cure for 30 seconds on 36 or 44 watts lamp, full cure 120 seconds, Sculpt, tip and over lay and natural nail overlays with the strength of a hard gel.

One tube is 30 grams, 1oz. cure time in 90 seconds led or two minutes uv!

* due to the nature of the packing, if you squeeze the tube from the base or center you will squees the air in the top will force the tube to open, please use the tube key provide to prevent that to happens,we are not responsible  for damaged tubes after the product leaves. 

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