Maxie Magic Film Foil Kit

Maxie Magic Film Foil Kit

Vendor: Enailcouture

New for 2019, hot trendy nail art kit! 

Our new Maxie Magic Film kit is here.  All in one nail art foil kit makes it magically easy to make trending foil nail art. 

Each kit comes with a reusable bag to take your kit on the go and keep all your foils and magic film glue in one place.  Each kit comes with 29 foils (each colour of foil is approx 24 inches) and a 10ml bottle of maxie magic film glue.

Use over any gel polish colour, acrylic or gel nail, even nail polish.  It is super fast, fun & easy.  All you need to do is apply maxie magic film glue and cure for approx 60 seconds, choose your favourite foil and rub it like a magical lamp, pull up and see what magical nail art you just created, then seal with two coats of shinee or one coat of wonder gel for a long lasting diamond like shine!  You can also add hand painted nail art using painting or diamonds using gummy gel!

* all sale final on each kit, you can not choose the foils that come in each kit as we pre-package each kit with assorted colours. Maxie magic film glue is a uv/led product and needs to be cured in-order for it to work properly if not the foil will not stick. Magic film glue is not sold open stock and is only in the kit as this time. 

all products are cosmetic grade, made in the USA and vegan and cruelty free. never tested on animals.

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