Peach - A Nail Above the Rest

ENC Peach Petit Macaroon Brush

Vendor: Enailcouture

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Peach Gel Oval #8 with Cap

Handmade and ergonomically designed with the finest quality, made from the finest male kolinsky hair, the “Petit Macaroon” brushes are specially designed by Award-Winning Nail Champion Max Estrada. These brushes are what every nail princess dreams of!

Petit Macaroon brushes offer a delicate balance of tension and volume, excellent to sculpt and design with and offer ultimate control and precise detail.

Petit macaroon brushes have an unsurpassed quality, luxurious feel, and longer-lasting life.

  • Longer Life Span
  • Less Clumping
  • Safer And Hygienic
  •  High Quality Nail Art Brush
  •  Compact And Convenient
  • A Necessity For Every Nail Artist
  • 100% Kolinsky Sculpting And Design Brush

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