Shaping & Structure - Fort McMurray - A Nail Above the Rest

Shaping & Structure - Fort McMurray

Vendor: A Nail Above the Rest

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Perfect the Salon Style Shapes
Create strong wearable, slim looking nails.

Instructed by Simone Short
Workshop runs from 10am - 4pm.

Are you struggling and wanting to create thinner nails and work on your structure? This workshop will focus on Salon Shaping and Structure for the typical nail appointment. Discussing and executing form and product placement, as well as the finish filing techniques. Real world skills that every nail tech needs to know. Let us help you to make your nails stand out above the rest.

Students will Learn:

  • Preparation Of The Nail
  • Form Placement
  • Product Application
  • Camouflage Nail Beds
  • Filing Techniques
  • Salon Shapes

Supplies To Bring:

  • Model with Naked Nails
  • UV Lamp
  • Gels and Brushes
  • Electric Nail File + Bits
  • Implements
  • Forms + Tips
  • Note Pad and Pen

Anything else you feel you need to work comfortably and efficiently.