The Art Of Nail Art - Lacombe

Vendor: A Nail Above the Rest

Instructed by Kelcie Olson - Amore Ambassador

See her work on Instagram @knockoutnailsbyko

Nail Art is a great add on service for your nail clients. Our nail art workshop is freehand, and we will show you many designs which you can then mix and match to make your own style. In our workshop we practice on nail tips, so you can take your designs home with you.

Meet your clients demand for individual self-expression. Learn a variety of techniques to enhance your artistic skills by making innovative designs that wow your clients. Create your own style of nail art to make your nails stand out above the rest.

  • Working with “Uncured Gels”
  • Colour Blending
  • Free Hand Painting
  • Rhinestones and Additives
  • Plus Much More 

This workshop can be customized to the skills you wish to learn.

What to bring to the Workshop:

  • All Brushes (Art and Builder)
  • Mixing Tile and Mixing Wand
  • UV Lamp
  • Finish Wipe
  • Lint Free Wipes
  • Note Pad and Pen

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