The Crystal Stamper Double Ended

Vendor: Clear Jelly Stamper

Our latest design features not only our signature Bling but TWO different sizes of stamper!

Depending on the size of the image you want to lift, you now have multiple options in stamper size! Select the one that works best for your project. Caps will keep your jelly heads safe while not in use and the Bling Ring will keep them together for easy & safe storage!

Jelly One - 2.3 cm

Jelly Two - 2.9 cm


Stamper x 2, scraper, 2 caps and bling center


Clear Jelly Stamper developed this stamping head for the masses. The Super Soft Jelly Stamping Head is more durable and softer feeling than our Decalling Head; however, the drying time is quicker.

For use in our Double Ended Stamper. (Also compatible with our original Ultra Violet & Angelic White Stamping handles and our Crystal Clear Stamper!)

Please don't use your clear stampers with matte nail polish top coat. It will cloud your stamper. Please keep in mind that clear stamping heads are delicate and always will be! Treat them gently and they will last!

Store your stamper out of direct sunlight and store extras separately!


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